Wire it right

Power supplied by the meter is 9.2 kVA on an average.
Majority homes have 230 volts (V) with an intensity of not more than 40 amperes (A). Therefore the maximum capacity is 230 V x 4 A= 9200 VA (volt-amperes) or 9.2 kVA
This capacity can run a maximum power of 9200 Watts. As you never use all electrical appliances at once, you can use single core multi-strand cable.


Bathroom means ample of water thus requires carefully defined requirements. As technology has advanced, so have the appliances in the bathroom. It’s not just lights and exhaust fans anymore but has more electrical appliance added to it like hair dryers, geysers and others. These additional appliances use more power thus need more than one circuit.

  • • Outdoor receptacles and bathroom can have same 20 amp circuit, provided there are no heaters and serves only a single bathroom. Other than that there can be 20 amp circuit for receptacles only with 15 or 20 amp circuit for lighting.
  • • Vent fans must have a dedicated 20 amp circuit.


Kitchen uses most electricity than any other room thanks to the technological advances which have brought around a revolution over standard kitchen appliances.

  • • Kitchen requires two 20 amp 120 volt circuit to serve small appliances.
  • • An electric oven requires 120/240 volt circuit.
  • • Kitchen lighting must have separate 15 amp circuit.

Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedrooms

  • • Living room requires 120 V 20 amp circuit.
  • • The receptacles used here must not be more than 12 feet apart.
  • • Dining room requires 20 amp circuit for one outlet for microwave television and air conditioner.


  • • Stairway requires proper lighting in order to minimize hazards of falling
  • • Each flight of stairs requires three way switches on top and at the bottom.
  • • In case of landing you need to add additional lighting fixtures in order to make sure that every nook and corner is illuminated.


A newly constructed garage needs at least one dedicated 120 V 20 amp circuit to serve only the garage. Garage must have one receptacle including one for each car space.


First impression matter! So create a warm welcoming effect for your guest from the porch itself. Upgrade your Hallway with Mescab products.

Living Room

A room to spend your leisure time in. Give it a calming effect. Take natural light into consideration while planning home lighting. The lighting should be warm and should be easily controllable and functional.


Bedroom is a place to let go of your stress, thus it is the soft lighting that helps you unwind and relax. Use lamps or wall lights as reading lights with convenient switches.

Home Office

Use track lights or panel lights over the table so that is makes the food look more ravishing thus increasing the appetite of the diners.


Use task lights for kitchen. Point them onto work surfaces that can be used to create clinical effect.

Dining room

Use track lights or panel lights over the table so that is makes the food look more ravishing thus increasing the appetite of the diners.


Use modern bathroom fitting and depend the lights on the moods set by the place. Single and focused shower downlight is ideal.