Submersible Cables

MESCAB upgrades technology in order to befit the industry demand. One of its kind is the Submersible cables which requires installation in tough and hostile environment against continuous underground water immersion & rain water,
entry of foreign bodies, oil, grease, etc., hence these cables are manufactured with utmost precision and care to be able to withstand its surroundings.


The insulation shall be PVC compound
Type A in case of general purpose or
Type C (HR) in case of HR PVC type as
per IS 5831.


MESCAB uses pure electrolytic grade annealed
bare copper conductors , which ensure a
consistent quality as well as high conductivity

• For 1.5 and 2.5 mm² the conductor shall be
either stranded (Class 2) or flexible (Class 5).
• For 0.50 mm², 0.75 mm², 1.00 mm², 4 mm²
and above, the conductor shall be flexible
(Class 5).
Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated (unsheathed) single core multi-strand cable with electrolytic grade annealed copper conductor suitable up to 450/750 Volts grade conforming to IS:694


Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey & Green


The cables are printed with brand name, size in & voltage grade

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