FR-LSH Cables


Mescab FR-LSH Cables offers two most significant and desirable characteristics of specially formulated PVC compound represented in terms of very high Oxygen & Temperature Index. Escalated Index Values lead to the optimum level of non-combustibility. With enhanced Di-electric Strength of high insulation resistance, it is able to withstand an abrupt increase of load in the electrical circuit or sudden voltage surge may arise due to any irregularities in the supply system. Emission of smoke of the exclusively designed PVC compound is less than 50% in comparison to the ordinary kind of PVC containing a lesser amount of corrosive and acid fumes (HCL) of fire breaks out in an abnormal situation which may govern to smooth rescue operation of precious properties and priceless human life.


Manufactured from electrolytic grade bright annealed copper which provides maximum conductivity to the flow of electricity. Thus helps in saving energy.
Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FR-LSH) PVC Insulated (Unsheathed) single core multi-strand cable with electrolytic grade annealed copper conductor suitable up to 1100 Volts grade conforming to IS:694


Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey & Green


The cables are printed with brand name, size in & voltage grade