10 ways to maximize light distribution

There is probably no better place to be than a well lit room.

There is probably no better place to be than a well-lit room. While it depends on a great deal on your aesthetic sense, there are certain ground rules that make maximizing light distribution an easier process:

1. The most efficient way to maximize light distribution in a room is to light it in layers, the first layer being for the overall lighting, the second for specific places of activity such as the desk or the kitchen and the third for the visual effect.

2. It is highly essential to position the lights right in order to avoid shadows. This applies especially for the bathrooms where the lights should be positioned at a proper distance from the mirror.

3. Walking to well-lit room or house or office always makes a lasting impression. It is, therefore, always advisable to add something of a chandelier at the entrance for welcoming the guests.

4. The elegance of a space can always be enhanced by the use of chandeliers. This offers to focus the light on the required space and set the mood right.

5. It is important to light a room with bulbs with the same colour temperature as it will help in making the walls look similar.

6. Under-cabinet lighting is a must when it comes to kitchen lighting.

7. Dimmers switches add an extra touch because it enables us to maximize or minimize the light according to our taste.

8. Mirror mirror on the wall, wait till you see the light fall! You will instantly find that the entire space has been lit up because mirrors reflect more light than they can absorb. Place a mirror opposite a window and voila!

9. The use of cotton curtains is a lot more appropriate than velvet or dark fabrics because it does not soak the light in and makes the room a brighter one.

10. If the walls of the room are painted in light shades, you are sure to have a cosy comfortable and a well-lit room that is neither too bright nor too dark.


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