Behind the Scenes Look at Top Cable and Wire Manufacturing Company

Behind the Scenes Look at Top Cable and Wire Manufacturing Company

Mescab's electrical cables are designed to handle electricity in a safe and reliable manner. When you use Mescab wires, it significantly reduces the risk of fires in case of accidents. As we know that a substantial number of electrical failures happen because of poor wiring. That's why it's important to understand the significance of using Copper cables that enhances the safety of wiring. They are excellent conductors of electricity. Therefore it makes them a top choice for ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems.

Your Reliable Choice for Safe and Strong Wiring

There is a reason behind the why top cable and wire manufacturing company uses copper as the material for manufacturing their cables. Copper cables are great for safe and effective wiring because they have superior conductivity means they can carry more current over long distances without much loss of power. They are ductile, thermal resistant. They are light weight wires and can handle temperature changes . As a result Mescab decides to use Copper for carrying electricity.

How Cables Are Made - A Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Raw Material: Mescab uses pure copper with an 8mm diameter of copper rod. This is the first step that Mescab uses for wire manufacturing- Pure Copper raw material.
  • Drawing: The second step in the process is wire drawing, where large spools of copper or aluminum rod are fed through a series of dies to reduce their diameter. Mescab uses the German Niehoff machine to complete this process. As part of this process, Mescab uses the best available technology and machinery to bring 8 mm copper rods down to specific sizes: 0.4, 0.3, and 0.2 mm.
  • Annealing: During annealing, the copper wire becomes more ductile and conductible. The process is done with industry's Best German Niehoff Machine. Using it makes wire the most flexible and convenient.
  • Bunching: Conductor wires are bunched together according to their individual specifications to obtain their collective diameter. Bunching also makes the wire mechanically flexible. The process is also done with Niehoff's most advanced technology machine.
  • Extrusion: In this process Copper cable is insulated. Depending on the cable specification and application, different insulation materials are used. For e.g. special PVC compound is used for FR, FRLSH and HRFR cable.
    As it is the fifth step in manufacturing copper cables, Mescab puts a special covering on the core to protect the wires. It's like putting a jacket on to keep warm in winter.
  • Coiling: In this part the wire is twisted into a circular shape. This helps keep things organized and saves space when storing or transporting them. It's like making a neat circle out of something long.
    In this step, the finished product is coil-packed and dispatched.
  • Quality Test (QC): The product of each stage is tested for quality check. Quality tests include FR capability, conductivity, low smoke test, uniformity and plasticity of PVC insulation, etc.


Mescab emerges as the undisputed leader in the wire and cable manufacturing industry in India, setting the benchmark for excellence. With its cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Mescab stands tall as the best among all other wires and cable brands in the country.

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