MESCAB Home lighting solution: The Best Led Lights

MESCAB Home lighting solution: The Best Led Lights

Are you looking for the right lighting solutions to match your home interior? Look no further than MESCAB’S Home Lighting Solutions! Read on to find out what makes MESCAB the go-to choice for all your illumination needs.


Introduction to MESCAB


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance of a room. In the past, traditional lighting like tube lights was the norm, but with the rise of modern interiors, the need for superior aesthetic lighting has become a priority. Today, modern lighting has taken over, with a focus on minimalistic designs that provide an elegant look and feel to the home. The use of panel lights, batten lights, spotlights, and different coloured lamps to suit your mood have become popular. At MESCAB, we understand the importance of modern lighting and offer a range of best LED lighting solutions to suit every home.


Solution for a brighter home

MESCAB’s Home Lighting Solutions is perfect for the aesthetic value of the lighting fixtures. But it’s not just about that, it’s also important to understand how different lighting solutions can provide greater energy savings and improved performance. Here are a few of the best choices for your home makeover!


Panel Lights:

Our panel lights come in two types - recessed for false ceilings and surface-mounted with clamp and screws. With our new dual-colour Dazzled light, you can also choose the colour that suits your preference and mood. Our panel lights offer excellent illumination and create a clean and contemporary look that complements modern interiors.


Batten Lights:

Our range of stylish batten lights is perfect for your living room, bedroom, or any other part of your home. With a range of wattages and colour temperatures, such as warm white or cool white, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. These batten lights provide excellent illumination and an elegant feel to any room in your home.


COB Lights:

MESCAB COB lights are perfect for highlighting a specific area of your home, such as your dressing table, photo gallery, or art gallery. Our COB lights come in small to slightly higher wattage and offer superior illumination to highlight your favourite features.


Bulkhead Lights:

Our bulkhead lights are perfect for use in terrace gardens or gardens of your home. Not only do they provide excellent lighting, but they also bring a touch of sophistication to your outdoor area.

Colour Lamps:

At MESCAB, we understand the importance of getting a good night's sleep. Our colour lamps come in different colours like white, red, blue, green, pink and more, which are known to have a calming effect. For example, red light can help reduce stress and improve focus, while blue light can promote relaxation and better sleep.




At MESCAB, we offer a wide range of modern lighting solutions that provide excellent illumination and an elegant feel to your home. Our lighting solutions are reliable, long-lasting, and value for money, providing you with a complete makeover that replaces all traditional lighting. Our range of LED Lights like Panel lights, Batten lights, COB lights, Bulkhead lights, and Colour lamps are perfect for your every need. Choose MESCAB home lighting solutions and give your home a new look and feel.

Stay tuned to know about MESCAB’s industry lighting solutions like the best high bay lighting and how to get the best of it in our next publish!

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