Risk of using low cost LED lights

Cost-effectiveness is something that always seems to govern our choices although in some cases, we are misled into buying products of low quality. The same applies in case of LED lights as well. While they may initially give us proper service by lighting up the room well, it soon begins to falter because of the lack of quality inspection by the manufacturing brand. However, Mescab takes a great deal of care and attention into maintaining and monitoring the proper quality of its products in addition to making it available to us without much of a pocket pinch.

Apart from the deterioration in quality, low cost LED lights can have a devastating impact on the environment. In a journal titled ‘Environmental Science and Technology’ that was published in 2010, LED lights have been seen to contain lead, arsenic and a bunch of other substances that can be deemed to be potentially dangerous. The journal further argued that in our quest to upgrade technology and find better alternatives that do not deplete the energy resources; we should not ignore the toxicity of such innovations. Mescab, on the other hand, is continuously striving to better the performance of its products and all of this while keeping in mind, the security of the environment. It makes sure that none of its products harms the environment in any way; “a holistic approach towards protecting the society and the environment.” as they call it.

If given a thought, low-cost LEDs actually end up costing more than quality LEDs. This is because they stop working quite easily in addition to using up more electricity than needed. As a result, both the consumption of electricity as well as the frequency of replacing the light go up resulting in the inconvenience of the consumer. Therefore, Mescab with its energy efficient, safe and durable products results in low consumer expenditure goes a long way as compared to the low cost LED lights.


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