Crafting of Armoured Cable: Journey of Creation & Science

Crafting of Armoured Cable: Journey of Creation & Science

In the world of electrical engineering armoured cable is taking shape incredibly. The creators of armoured cable make sure our word stays powered and connected.

What is Armoured Cable?

Armoured Cable is a protective electrical wiring solution which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. It is commonly used in areas where the wiring might be exposed to rough conditions, such as underground installation. The Armour enhances safety and durability reducing the risk of electrical disruptions.

How the professionals of Mescab craft the Armoured Cable:

  • Wire Drawing: Wire drawing is the process where the raw material is transformed into long, thin wires. The metal rods are pulled through a series of dies, reducing their diameter while increasing their length.
  • Annealing: To achieve the desired level of flexibility in conductors, the annealing process is crucial. This step increases the wire's ductility and malleability. By subjecting the wire to controlled heat treatment, its structure is modified, resulting in improved capacity to withstand bending and manipulation.
  • Twisting & Stranding: In the stage of twisting and stranding, multiple conductors are skillfully intertwined to attain the desired cross-sectional area. This process enhances the wire's conductivity and strength, paving the way for optimal performance in various applications.
  • Insulation: To protect the wire core, a layer of insulation material is applied. Mescab utilizes a range of high-quality insulation materials, such as PVC, XLPE, or HMWPE, depending on the application and environmental factors. The insulation not only provides electrical insulation but also protects the cable from moisture, chemicals, and other external elements.
  • Laying Up: Laying up involves assembling the insulated cores onto a specialized machine. This step determines the arrangement of conductors within the wire, optimizing their efficiency and minimizing interference.
  • Inner Sheath: To fortify the wire against potential mechanical abrasion, an inner sheath is introduced. This sheath is either tape-wrapped or extruded with premium PVC, bolstering the wire's resistance to wear and tear.
  • Armouring: Armouring significantly enhances the wire's robustness. This step entails adding a layer of galvanized steel wires or strips, augmenting the wire's ability to withstand external pressures and impacts.
  • Outer sheath: In the final step, a protective outer layer called sheathing is applied over the cable. This layer provides extra insulation, shields the cable from UV radiation, and offers further protection against moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress. Mescab carefully chooses sheathing materials that comply with international standards and regulations.
  • Quality Control: Prior to distribution, a comprehensive quality inspection is conducted to guarantee the wire's adherence to strict performance and safety standards. This final step is imperative to confirm that the wire meets the required specifications and is ready to deliver optimal performance in real-world applications.


Mescab with IS 7098 or IS 1554, does meticulous wire-making process, armoured cables are produced to meet the highest quality standards while ensuring excellent electrical conductivity, durability, and reliability.

By manufacturing high-quality armoured cables, Mescab continues to deliver innovative and reliable solutions that contribute to the comfort of the users, Mescab's armoured cables offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for diverse electrical needs.

For more information about Mescab and its range of wire and cable products, visit our website or contact our expert team today!

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